Tuesday, 17 June 2014 12:14

Business Card Printing - Important Design Options

Business Card Printing needs to look crisp and professional to create the best impression in front of potential customers. Definitely the information included with the business card is important, however there are other aspects as well which are equally important like the design, layout, colour and paper quality. One can either play safe with traditional designs, or one can also be creative and experiment with the designs used for Business card printing. What are the various design options one has for Business Card Printing?


  • Multipurpose functionality: Business Card Printing can serve several other purposes like referral cards, survey cards and appointment cards. One can also include offers and list of products, thereby making it a mini flyer.
  • Customized designs: Business card printing shouldn't stick to the traditional rectangular shape. Rather, there should be random geometrical shapes like asymmetrical shape for Business card printing. The value of being unique and standing out is priceless. 
  • Finishing: Business Card Printing should also consider making the card appealing to the sense of touch which can be achieved by embossing and debossing. Embossing ensures a raised surface whereas debossing creates a dent like texture with Business card printing. 
  • Visually attractive: Business card printing should ensure visually attractive business cards with a lot of colour, design and unique style. Vibrant colours add a visual appeal to the business card.
  • The traditional style of Business card printing is usually simple yet professional. The main advantage is its lower pricing which definitely allows one to print in bulk.
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