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Business Card Printing Sydney - Different Finishing Options

Business Card Printing Sydney definitely adds value to the business portfolio and ensures better sales and business promotion. Gone are the days when Business card Printing used be just a rectangular business card with necessary information, because the business cards of today offer a lot of design, style and finishing options which can impress potential clients. The first impression is extremely vital, hence you need to make the best out of your business cards.


  • Embossed design: The process of embossing involves heat pressing into the business card paper without the use of ink or foil. In some cases, this process provides a 3 dimensional visual effect to business card printing Sydney which makes it extremely attractive and gives a strong texture feel to the business card.
  • Foil Blocking provides a nice texture and feel to the business card. Coloured foil is pressed into the card paper with a heated die during Business card printing Sydney. Extremely useful in order to enhance logos and typography.
  • Folded business cards add a dash of style and uniqueness along with an option to put more information on the card due to the added space. 
  • Gone are the days when business cards were only seen in rectangular shapes. Designers can now use their creativity and make business cards of any shape depending on the business needs and preferences of the customer. Die cutting is the process used for Business card Printing Sydney in order to attain various shapes.
  • The varnish finish of the business card not only makes the business card durable but also extremely stylish.
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