Wednesday, 07 May 2014 15:05

Pull up banners - Various Types and Uses

There are myriad choices available for choosing Pull up banners. Depending on the requirements of the business and budget, one can choose among the various choices available. Let's know more about the various types of Pull up banners.


Eco-friendly Pull up Banners use a bamboo based framework instead of the traditional metal based frame. The visual appeal, unrivalled beauty and high quality of these type of pull up banners definitely makes them a favourite. Retractable banners are the most common type of Pull up banners which are designed from durable vinyl material and hence withstand adverse weather conditions.

One of the ideal marketing tool, they can be used anywhere without any issues. The Rigid Pull up Banners is best for companies considering a large background for promoting various products.  Cassette Pull up Banners consists of several displays which can be changed as required. It definitely provides flexibility

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